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Simona Ventura in the hospital for the fan that is sick of cancer, but then the bitter news

Simona Ventura is a woman of great heart. A fan suffering from cancer wanted to meet her before his death but when she arrived it was unfortunately already too late Simona Ventura is the announcer for years. And’ a woman highly esteemed and has a large number of fans. Among these there was also a sick...

“The cycle track on the Cucco is dangerous, my daughter's 12-year-old was saved by a lady”

Often the reports of citizens and readers of our journal, highlight the problems and criticalities on the territory of the Upper province of Varese. Saturday I got a message from a mom, Michelle, who wanted to tell a story that happened to the daughter on Friday, when along the path between the Cucco,...

This is how it was Shailene Woodley when she was a child

Photo via the webBefore “Divergent” and “Fault of the Stars”, before “Big Little Lies,” and even before “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, Shailene Woodley was a girl like any other, only with your hair a little more voluminous than the average.To show us a photo of her from the very small we...