Gigi D'alessio

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Twenty years that we are far away: what will be about the new program on Rai 1?

The Rai has just released the schedules of its channels for the next television season. So much entertainment is designed for the viewers of all the networks. Plenty of confirmations, but we have lots of news. And it is precisely among the latter, it is surely interesting that the arrival of a new program....


Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'alessio to the birthday of his son Andrew, the theme chosen for the celebration (Photo)

For Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'alessio by the time he returned to the serene and the most happy is the son of Andrea (photo). Birthday with mom and dad more and more in love than ever, 9 candles on that blow, and the small house that embraces strong Anna and Gigi during the photos of the ceremony. It...

Simona Ventura introduces the new Team of The Voice of Italy: here is the coach of the 2019

Lots of chatter, lots of words this week and so many rumors that were confirmed. It comes today in an official way the composition of the team of The Voice of Italy 2019. It was the same Simona Ventura to announce, with great joy, the names of the coaches who will be part of this new edition of the talent...