Gianni Rodari

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Rodari: fairy tales and fairy tales

1/5Gianni Rodari fairy Tales and fantafiabe, Einaudi2/5Gianni Rodari Favole al telefono, Einaudi3/5Gianni Rodari Favole al telefono, Einaudi4/5Gianni Rodari fairy Tales and fantafiabe, Einaudi5/5Gianni Rodari fairy Tales and fantafiabe, Einaudi In addition to nursery rhymes, novels, collections from...


Gifts 2019 – Day 11

1/8Strenne 2019 - Day 112/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi3/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi4/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi5/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi6/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi7/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi8/8Gaia Star, Children and dolls, Einaudi In 2020 we will celebrate – and indeed the truth...

Luino, the councilor Franzetti embraces the world of volunteering for the Christmas wishes

There are many challenges collected and brought to term from the world of volunteering luino area over the last twelve months, culminating as we told some days ago, with a large collection of food in favor of the less fortunate families of the area. Only the last of an extraordinary effort that daily...