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To Supervivientes Spain there is Gianmarco Onestini, but two people who could tell much he

In Spain, the game just yesterday, Thursday 20 February 2020, the new edition of "Supervivientes," the Spanish version of our Island of the Famous. Among the contestants of the reality show this year, we are also Ivana Icardi and Hugo Sierra, two different personalities but for anyone who has followed...


Luca Onestini show at the Great Hermano VIP after deleting Gianmarco: lite live with the handler

And’ all happened in the episode of the Great Hermano VIP aired yesterday in Spain. As you know for the whole week we talked about what the house was going on between Gianmarco Onestini, brother of Luke, and a contestant of reality show the Spanish, committed. Adara, it's over in the crosshairs of criticism...

Heather and Gaetano latest news: the truth about the relationship and the flirtation of the kiss with Gianmarco

After the end of Big Brother 16, many viewers of the reality show you are made of questions about the competitors, in particular, on couples born in the house. Erica Piamonte said that you have not yet had the opportunity to see Gaetano Arena. All did, however, think that between the two there was something....