Giacomo urtis

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Giacomo Urtis unrecognizable after facelifts, his face with a limp on tv (Photos)

If yesterday evening you have been following CR4 – The Republic of women is very likely that you have not recognized Giacomo Urtis at the first blow and it is not an exaggeration but really, the aesthetic surgeon was unrecognizable (photos). Urtis is presented really in the special conditions, swollen...


The island of the Famous Giacomo Urtis challenge the Hollywood star

The island of the Famous Giacomo Urtis challenge the Hollywood star. Giacomo Urtis against Zac Efron, according to him, mind, why ? The surgeon of the vip, Giacomo Urtis, a former castaway Island of the Famous 2017, definitely means one thing, plastic surgery. James, after seeing the physique of the...

Giacomo Urtis and the revelation of spicy: “I made love on the island among the palm trees,” but with who?

Everything is ready for the final of the famous island that will be aired today, April 12, 2017. But before the spotlight is turned off on the competitors of this edition, from the New Tv comes a real bomb. It seems that the former castaway Giacomo Urtis has told in an interview, a background and very...