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The recipe of the focaccia, chicory by Geo

The first of the wave of disaster caused by the Covid19 were recorded, many of the spaces shows that we are seeing these days. In other cases, however, we see the replica. And that's what happens with Geo that is going on the air these days live, offering much new material, while some of the spaces dedicated...

By Geo the recipe of the potato pancakes and honey-Diego Scaramuzza

What a wonder the potato pancakes and honey-Diego Scaramuzza views on Geo today, October 17, 2019. Many of the recipes Geo sweets to try, but the doughnuts or pancakes are a true delicacy not to be missed. This recipe of pancakes with potatoes in the dough, Scaramuzza is a version of the original, soft,...

The recipe watercress-herbs-by Geo

Among the recipes of Geo views in the last tv season that has just ended, now arrives the watercress herb. The watercress, as you know, is a preparation typical of Emilia Romagna but it is a dish known all over Italy for his goodness. Alessandra Bazzocchi, and her husband Roberto have suggested the recipe...