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Genoa, a year after: the great void after the collapse of the Bridge Morandi

A year ago, at 11.36, fell off the Bridge Morandi, leaving Italy with bated breath. Have been 43 victims of the collapse, many of the displaced, and Genoa remained divided in two. But it is Genoa a year later? What is happening in this city that has seen the collapse of a bridge of that type because...

Luino, in a “Monitored the road on the dam of Creva, there is a bridge worn down”

After the tragedy in Genoa, not only at the national level, the institutions have moved in to monitor all the infrastructures present on the territory, but also locally, from Regions to municipalities, there have been interventions and decisions that had the objective of controlling bridges, viaducts...

State funeral, Genoa mourns victims. Up to 41 dead. “A deep wound”

(ANSA) held in Genoa the State funeral for 19 of the 41 victims of the collapse of the bridge Morandi. In the first row, the president of the Republic Mattarella, and the premier Count. The disaster, said the archbishop of Genoa, cardinal Bagnasco, “has caused a gash in the heart of Genoa. The wound...