Gender-based violence

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In Luino the inter-institutional Network against Violence, a model to combat gender violence

The Scope of the district of Luino, with its leading municipality of Luino, it adheres to the RIV, the Network anti-violence inter-institutional Territorial of Varese, which works to ensure that the culture and practice of prevention and contrast of gender-based violence can take root in the territory...

Lombardia, violence against women: in 2017, almost 6 thousand of aid, the growing cases of courage and complaints

The annual report on women victims of violence, which are addressed in the 2017 to anti-violence centres active in the Region of Lombardy, is now online on the portal of the Lombardy Region, with the title “violence against women in Lombardia”. It is the first to be created with the new information system...


In Luino, a new reality, to help the victims of stalking, violence, discomfort, and bullying

In recent years, more and more often we hear the facts of record, including ill-treatment, violence, psychological and physical, and much more. There are many realities throughout the national territory that have moved in to give a hand to the victims: among these, there is also the association Anemos,...