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Incubus Rpg: supplement free Madness Cybernetics

A new story begins in the echo of a dying of our own. Can you survive in this new world of big changes? You know, face your Nightmares without soccombervi? The new year starts with a fantastic gift for all players of the GdR Incubus! It is in fact now available for free Madness Cybernetics: the First...


Available the (ugly) sweater christmas themed Dungeons and Dragons official for all players!

Christmas is approaching for us role players, and with it came the classic sessions (a winter theme. If this year you don't have ideas on how to present to session in December you can't go wrong: it is, in fact, available a brand new sweater for christmas-the official Dungeons and Dragons! Here is the...

Cabal: interview with the authors of the GdR which was a finalist for the Role-playing Game of the Year

The announcement of the finalists for the award of Role-playing Game of the Year 2018 are followed by many comments, some critical, but above all lots of positive impressions on the games most of the “niche” that have competed for the coveted award. Among them stands the Cabal, Rpg mold investigation...