Gang of goblins

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The new Balance Cards 12/6: Witch of the Night, the Tornado, the Trunk, the Gang of Goblins is among the most renowned

As usual, Supercell will balance the cards that have taken on a power that is too high or upgrade the ones less used. Among the papers cited in this balance there are certainly famous and that they did discuss, and not a little.


Deck Witch of the Night, the Mastiff and the hot air Balloon, for Arena 8, Arena 9 Arena 10 Arena 11

In this new deck Lavaloonion we are going to find a new entry in the Witch Night: this paper underestimated by the most allows you to have a huge advantage on their side, the numerous bats that serve as tiny puppies lava. We find the Deck Witch of the Night, the Mastiff and the hot air Balloon, for Arena...

Deck Arena 11, Leagues: Rocket, Princess, Barrel, Goblin, Knight

A deck that is becoming more and more popular, this is what we are going to describe: thanks to the cost is very minimal combined with the versatility, immense will bring disadvantage to automatic your rival. Let's discover together the Deck for Arena 11 and Alloys: Rocket, Princess, Barrel, Goblin,...

Cards best Anti-Hordes and Anti-Spawn for the Deck on the Clash Royale

With the arrival of the Clan Battles, but also in the simple tournaments or multiplayer challenges in the Clash Royale, is increasingly present in a percentage in the growth of cards formed by hordes or groups of troops to halt the Barbarians Chosen, or troops offensive, among many, we can mention the...