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Puzzles: Words intertwined, the game for the summer on the iPhone

The summer is almost here and if you are in search of a pastime while you are under the umbrella try this “Puzzle: Words twisted”. “Puzzle solving: the Words twisted” is the perfect game for many hours of smart fun. Words, theme words, curious, special city names. Written in all directions and interwoven...


Mario Kart Tour: first images of the gameplay

Nintendo has today launched the beta of the new mobile game Mario Kart Tour, for now only available on Android in Japan and the United States. Thanks to the beta testers, we can take a look at the gameplay of this anticipated game. As for the console versions of the franchise, Mario Kart Tour is a kart...

The game, a project to develop the calcium concentration. The protagonist of the luino area Max Cocomazzi

Sport is essential for the health and the daily lives of children, as well as physical activity for adults. Do it in the best possible way is crucial, to educate themselves to the movement, since childhood. And it is precisely in this context, the program the Game (where Gio is going to John, and John...