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Georgette Polizzi has married her David, Parpiglia show the first wedding photos (Photos)

The most beautiful day for Georgette Polizzi and David Tresse arrived, they became husband and wife (photos). Them you will remember, participated in 2016 Temptation Island, was the third edition, and today they have said their " yes, you are united in marriage. And’ Gabriel Parpiglia to have posted...


Giulia De Lellis and Irama: here's how it started their relationship

Gabriel Parpiglia on the weekly, Who has told some background of the pair just born, Giulia De Lellis-Irama. Giulia De Lellis and Irama you are engaged on Monday, November 5 is to exit an anticipation of the weekly magazine Chi, who immortalized the kiss between Giulia De Lellis and Filippo Maria Fanti,...

About Belen and Stefano De Martino the revelations of Gabriel Parpiglia that anticipate the gossip (Photo)

Gabriele Parpiglia there are many doubts on couple Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, Stefano De Martino and Gilda Ambrosio (photo). Interviewed by Alfonso Signorini during the Who Summer Tour 2018 in Palermo, the expert in gossip and friend of many a vip has revealed what few people know, and it is...