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Migrants, 2017 “ 'annus horribilis'”: more than 200 children who died in the Mediterranean sea

(ADNKRONOS) Are at least 200 children died this year along the dangerous route of the central Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy, an average of more than one child per day. Are the latest estimates from Unicef announced today in Palermo, on the occasion of the meeting of the leaders of the G7 in...


For the G7 you reset the controls in customs, incoming reinforcements also between the province of Varese and Ticino

On the occasion of the G7 meeting in Taormina, 26 and 27 may, pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/399, from the 10th to the 30th of may will be returned to the controls at the internal borders. The Ministry of the Interior has increased by almost 3 thousand units, the number of armed forces throughout the...

The Italian school works best compared to other Oecd Countries, especially in the inclusion

The Italian school works better than that of other Oecd countries, in particular with regard to the inclusion of high school students coming from families with a condition that is not favourable: this is what emerges from a study prepared by the Organisation for economic cooperation and development,...