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The Board of Directors of the Luino-Maccagno clarifies some aspects of the merger of the company

Following the interview of the former ds Carroll to our newspaper, a long chat, in which the luino area doc, always linked to the football team of the country on the lake, and touched on every aspect of his adventures, first as a player and then just like the ds, the Board of Directors of the company...


Fusion Cuveglio-Duno, the opposite of the “No” satisfied: “thanks to the citizens”

After the net result of yesterday, to Cuveglio and Duno, the opposite of the “No” compact, today expressed great satisfaction for what has happened, with the thanks addressed to the whole citizenship. If, on the one hand, there is great disappointment on the part of the administrations of Small and Straw,...

Francesco Paglia to send letter to 11 mayors: from the fusion of a space of confrontation between the common

In the week leading to the referendum on the merger of the Valcuvia, the first citizen of Duno Francis Straw intervenes with an open letter dedicated to all the mayors of the area. The central theme of the message is obviously the process that touches its municipality and that of Cuveglio, now one step...