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How to dry fruits at home, we will always have the snack that is good for you

Drying fruit is an economical method and, above all, eco-friendly not to alter the nutritional characteristics of the fruit. In the absence of a fridge many years ago, always used this procedure. The drying was mainly used for preserving fruits and vegetables. No preservatives, no additives. In the trade...


Pomegranate: the fruit is ideal to protect skin and lose weight

The pomegranate is a fruit that is very good also very useful. By the eating of our skin will benefit and with it also our body. Here are all of its benefits Already in ancient times, the pomegranate was a fruit beloved. If you were already aware of its properties, not scientifically, but just looking...

4 smoothie to do in the spring

With the arrival of spring, we can't think of the smoothie. With the temperature rise, the ideal is to rely on these drinks, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs of the season. The month of April is a great time to experiment with these, smoothie. The body must prepare for the strong rays of the sun. Therefore,...