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Duties Usa to 25%: all the product in the Italian list

Duties Usa to 25%: what are the Italian products in the list? In these hours you are talking about a lot of america's duties provided for on the made in Italy products starting from the 18th of October. In what way will affect the economy of the Country? To be affected by the duties Usa to 25% are some...

The small Agatha dies in 8 years, killed by police during a shootout

The small Agatha dies in 8 years, killed by police during a shootout. This is what happened in Brazil, in a favela, where a shot of a firearm, exploded by the forces of the order, he hit a little girl only 8 years old at the nape of the neck killing her. On the part of the authorities of Rio de Janeiro...

Berlin car into the crowd: there are 4 dead, a new baby

News Flash-breaking news from Berlin are bouncing from one site to another and news are also report from the tg on the allnews trying to document what is happening. At the moment, very little information: a machine arrived on the crowd and struck and killed 4 people. Between these there was also a newborn....