Friends advances

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Friends Celebrities advances before bet: vip guests, the jury and jokes

This Saturday, September 21, will be finally broadcast on Channel 5 the first episode of Friends Celebrities. There is a lot of curiosity for this great tv news. The well-known faces from the world of entertainment will be in the game between song and dance and, just as happens in the classic version...

Friends 18 the third episode: all guests and the news on the 13th of April 2019

We do not yet know what will become of the proposal of Loredana Bertè, even if the feeling is that all have failed, starting from the professors end up to the boys. In the meantime, though, come the names of the guests of the episode of Friends 18 aired April 13, 2019. We can then tell you about what...


Advances Friends 18 episode of 2 march: the return of the Blonde and other mesh green

What's going to happen in the episode of Friends 18 in wave 2 march 2019? Are you curious to know? We will tell you about in our advances, which reveal to us just what will happen in the episode of the Saturday of the Friends. We will see a new episode with a special guest: after having participated...