Friends 19

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Al Bano and Romina: Friends 19 a behind-the-scenes... the kiss?

There are loves that make turns huge, and then return, or, at least, so it says. In the varied panorama of the show-business Italian, history that most falls into this category is the one between Al Bano and Romina. Their union has deep roots. The two married in 1970 and still share today the artistic...


Friends 19: the winner of the edition 2020 – VIDEO

After almost touched the victory in the talent show the X Factor, Gaia Gozzi way to the top Friends 19: she's the winner of the edition 2020 of the tv programs presented by Maria De Filippi. The singer is challenged to the photofinish with the dancer Javier Rojas and the televoting has rewarded though...

Why Maria de Filippi has allowed a “bully homophobic” to arrive in the evening and stay in the game to Friends 19?

Is started the operation “Destroy the heart” and it's increasingly clear that the production of Friends, do not take a distance from what is happening, because, after the publication of the first two videos yesterday and the third today on Dagospia, has not published any note to declare that in “the...