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W the teachers of the kindergarten: a western!

1/6Ole Könnecke, Desperado, Beisler2/6Ole Könnecke, Desperado, Beisler3/6Ole Könnecke, Desperado, Beisler4/6Ole Könnecke, Desperado, Beisler5/6Ole Könnecke, Desperado, Beisler6/6Ole Könnecke, Desperado, Beisler As you are the teachers of the nursery school? If you have children that attend, and you...


Why Maria de Filippi has allowed a “bully homophobic” to arrive in the evening and stay in the game to Friends 19?

Is started the operation “Destroy the heart” and it's increasingly clear that the production of Friends, do not take a distance from what is happening, because, after the publication of the first two videos yesterday and the third today on Dagospia, has not published any note to declare that in “the...

Freinds: reunion stalled because of the coronavirus

Photo: @ Instagram/ Courteney Cox Cold shower on arrival, for all the fans of “Friends” eagerly waiting for the reunion, announced by the protagonists of the TV series in the past few weeks. It seems the production has decided to postpone the shooting due to the growing concern for the coronavirus. The...