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Friends 19, tests of the dam: Francesco sings in his underwear. Here is someone who has been deleted

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 14, 2019, will air the special at Amici di Maria De Filippi on Channel 5, but in anticipation of the episode, we see that what has happened in the day time today on the Real Time. An appointment not to miss this one, as they are initiated examinations of the dam. The difficult...


Friends 19, two deleted by Saturday: Martina and the Event in crisis

Today, Tuesday 10 December 2019, was aired on the Real Time a new episode of the day time Friends 19. What will be the success in school for young talents and the most beloved of Italy? The singers and dancers always feel more pressure because just this week, two of the pupils should leave the Friends...

Friends 19 advances: Nyv to You Yes Que Vales but it is the least loved by the public!

Today, Saturday December 7, 2019, will air a new episode in the afternoon of the special Friends of Maria De Filippi. Three weeks have passed from when the students arrived in the school. What will happen in the appointment with the talent show? As we mentioned in the article yesterday, will be held...