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‘We're getting married thanks to Maria De Filippi, in October, was born our daughter’: here's who they are

Antonella and Francesco will always be grateful to the people show ‘you've got Mail’ and the presenter Maria De Filippi. Anyone who has followed the program Mediaset the last winter, he knew perfectly well that their history has been one of the most-watched of the entire season. The guy, in fact, has...

Temptation Island 2017, Francesca and Ruben together again?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaAfter the fourth episode of Temptation Island 2017 all are convinced that between Francesca Baroni and Reuben Invernizzi ended definitively, but I will be really so? In spite of the will, the steadfast boyfriend to give a cut to history after being humiliated publicly...


Tina Cipollati happy, the son is the testimonial

Feed Released from KontroKulturaWe all know Tina Cipollati as volcanic commentator of Men and Women, and they are accustomed to his fights and ferocious with other characters in the dating show on Channel 5 starting from the Gemma Galgani. But in reality, Tina has also a private life that holds a lot...