Francesco Monte

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Cecilia Rodriguez and Giulia Salemi: friendship over, do not follow more on Instagram

Cecilia Rodríguez has stopped follow on Instagram Giulia Salemi and the latter reacted in the same way. Cecilia Rodriguez and Giulia Salemi follow more on Instagram Cecilia Rodríguez has decided to remove the “follow” on Instagram Giulia Salemi. The latter had said to know it, to have a lot of respect...


The island of the Famous 2019, Walter Naked posted: Taylor Mega and Ron Moss competitors

A little more than a month from the beginning of the new adventure of the Famous Island of 2019, continue to emerge of sensational rumors about. Please note that the cast is yet to be defined but now we are almost there. First of all there is to untie the knot on who will be sent over to Stefano De Martino....

Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi after the GF Vip: ‘We were together’

Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi have talked about how is their relationship now that they came from the house of Big Brother Vip. Very true, Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi: ‘We're a couple’ The public of the True, in the special episode of 15 December with all the finalists of Big Brother Vip, and...