Francesco facchinetti

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The wife of Francesco Facchinetti stung by a wasp shows the thigh is swollen, the comment Marica Pellegrinelli (Photos)

On holiday In Capri, Francesco Facchinetti and his wife, Wilma Helena Faissol, with their children, were enjoying a few days of relaxation, but for the beautiful model there has been a misadventure for a little bit made to worry about (photo). The wife of Facchinetti is been stung by a wasp, she said...

Wilma Facchinetti for the first time tells of the suffering of her past (Photos)

The wife of Francesco Facchinetti, the beautiful Wilma Facchinetti, or Wilma Helena Faissol, for the first time speaks about his past, the magazine Today tells of the suffering that has changed forever, but also speaks of the love that binds us to her husband (photos). Wilma Facchinetti is a beautiful...


Roby Facchinetti is a grandfather for the fifth time, all the emotion in the family (Photos)

In the family Facchinetti there is another nephew for Roby, was born the son of Valentina Facchinetti and all the best wishes to the little, first of all, Roby e Francesco Facchinetti, grandfather and uncle of the little Andrea Francis. In the post, and best wishes to the little Fachcinetti there is...