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The Perfect Holiday: Francesco Facchinetti is back on tv, here's the first advances

While we put a summer tv full of reruns, to give us some little news think about the networks of the digital terrestrial television. One of these networks, fortunate is the Channel NINE already next Tuesday, June 18, will send in before the evening a new game show entitled, " The Perfect Holiday: with...


Francesco Facchinetti speaks of the theory of the conspiracy: and if the joke de reservoir dogs was not a joke but the glass had actually been launched?

In the last hours about the social, about the prank organized by The Hyenas who he has seen Francesco Facchinetti victim of two women, his wife Wilma, and Laura Cremaschi, it is written and really says it all. It is the same Francesco Facchinetti to talk about what they have read and felt say. “I have...

Francesco Facchinetti does not forgive his wife, and asks for clarification on the joke with the Cremaschi (Photos)

Francesco Facchinetti has not yet forgiven his wife, Wilma Helena Faissol for the joke that we have followed all on the social (photo). He says adding a smile and showing a beautiful photo with wife in the Maldives but it really seems that, Facchinetti has not yet sent down the odd joke organized by...