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Apple Pay: will be soon available in France?

Lately we have seen how Apple Pay is growing more and more , reaching the two million retail. The expansionist ambitions of the company from Cupertino have focused mainly on the asian market, but as far as the service Apple Pay could be time for France. The fateful date should come in conjunction with...


Apple Pay will soon arrive in China and in France

Within a short time, Apple Pay should be available also in China and in France, continuing the expansion outside the borders of the USA. On the 18th of June, gil, chinese users will be able to start using Apple Pay to make payments in various shops in the country, thanks to an agreement between Apple...

Terrorism: England-France-at-risk referral

The international terrorism that struck yesterday evening in Paris frightens the institutions of football: you think of the postponement of the international friendly match between England and France, next Tuesday. According to rumors reported by the foreign press, in fact, the Paris events are deemed...