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Live life and The test of the cook listening to hell: the Geo, the Forum and the Afternoon 5 gongolano

What a mess in the house Rai. We can pretend that all is well, that the public continues to appreciate the programs of the network, but in reality the data auditel tell us a different story. Tell us that, on Rai 1 you suffer: you suffer from in the morning, after the excellent ratings of True Stories,...

The ratings of the noon: The proof of the cook lower and lower, The facts of your record a new record

Who would ever have said that to take advantage of the decline in listening to de La prova del cuoco ( which some still deny even if the numbers remain numbers) to take advantage would have been the second Rai network? Not only Mediaset win with Forum for the last two weeks, holding the head of his band...

Listen to The evidence of the cook, it falls to 12.7 % and the victory goes to the Forum

We continue our analysis of listening data, after the first time we spend the morning on Rai 1, in the area is very special, the one that goes from 11.30 to 13.30 and pits The evidence of the cook, hosted by Elisa Isoardi and the Forum, which can also be found in this season, Barbara Palombelli. In a...