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Euro 2016, the serenade of the irish was for Carla

Not only hooligans incazzosi, outside the stadiums of Euro 2016 has also happened that hundreds of irish fans have dedicated a serenade to a local beauty to become the star baseball players at the end of the european championships. The viral video that has taken the irish galanti in the choruses of love...


Albania, is a little Italy 2

It was the Leicester Ranieri to return to us the pleasure of the fairy tale of football. From Croton they told immediately another equally surprising, and in the end we're living all of us, beautiful for the time, thanks to the Count, who now want to sublimarla with the “circle blue”.Fabulous is also...

Italy, for once that we are wrong

Those who for weeks has said that this was (is) the National more poor quality (“low”) always brought to the final stages of a World cup or a European, he was not mistaken, and perhaps for this reason, today, after the passage of the round got in only two games, he loves her more than the other, of the...