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Leftover food: how long in the fridge?

Throw it in the trash, the leftover food is never please anyone. Whether it is a portion of pasta, a quarter of a pizza or a few slices of roast excess, we will always try and still trying the intermediate step of the fridge, to the cry of “yeah right, I'll finish tomorrow”. Great idea, but be careful:...

Nike presents the new sneakers that they know of waffle

A breakfast special, fashion for true fashion addicts, based on... shoes. Nike presents the new model of sneakers, Nike SB Dunk High Waffle, which is inspired by the traditional breakfast american. In what way? Thanks to the similarity of materials and shades to those of the waffles, the famous sweet...

How to be happy. Food better sex?

According to the single Italian, sex, and money would not do the happiness , better focus on good food and on the research of the copyrighted€™love. Is this the summary of the research carried out by Ourselves on a sample of piÃ1 of 9 thousand single in 7 european countries, of which one thousand only...