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Fabio Novembre and the Greek with the bubbles in Dubl They

The new Classic Method was created by a special encounter, the one between the tireless and creative winemaker Antonio Capaldo of Feudi di San Gregorio and the designer and architect Fabio Novembre. It is true that the company of Sorbo Serpico was among the first wineries in the south making wine from...


The cardboard of the pizza done 100% of the pizza

The dream of all lovers of pizza has become a reality: a cardboard box, 100% pizza and edible as much as its content, for double the enjoyment. Where? In New York, of course, and for the accuracy in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, from Vinnie's Pizzeria. The experiment was born out of sheer boredom...

A tax on beef to protect the environment

A tax on beef, for disincentivarne consumption. It is a proposal that is discussed and advanced in these days by the Ethics Committee of Denmark: a position that comes not so much from the’health warning launched last year by the World Health Organization, as much as from the need to reduce the environmental...