Folgore Legnano

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Legnano debut bitter for the Luino-Maccagno, Pittella, who scored a fixed 3-1

Debut bitter for the Luino-Maccagno in the first day of the championship of the First Category played yesterday in the city of Legnano against the Lightning. 3-1 the final result with good ideas for the luinesi that, parties with too much fear, in the first twenty minutes have now two networks. Nothing...

The Luino-Maccagno debut in Legnano, many purchases for the new course weblog Caporali

After you attained salvation the last breath of the last year, in the playout against the Cairate, and the renewal of the whole of the company, both management and the staff of the first team, the Luino-Maccagno: tomorrow will make his debut in A Round of the championship of the First Category against...


Poker Folgore Legnano to Luino, Maccagno, the challenge with the Cairate will be worth the season

Still a defeat for the team that also yesterday afternoon I went out empty-handed from the field of the Folgore Legnano. If the hosts are now mathematically save, the luinesi instead, they will continue to struggle, despite the 4-0 final, with the Cairate. A result, however, is that yesterday, well above...