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Flop resounding of the famous Island that becomes on the social Island that is not there: what doesn't work?

Average of 2 million viewers for Channel 5 and for the second installment of the famous Island. Numbers who, earlier in the evening to a flagship network-are thrilling. Numbers that can not be that those of a flop. The Island of the famous 2019 does not work: it is never so bad the first few episodes,...


Dottoressa Giò Flop and Sunday Live reduced version: the great errors of Channel 5, too much hubris?

Sometimes we are accused of using the word flop too easily, but how could we define a fiction in prime time on the flagship network Mediaset that does not exceed even 2.5 million viewers? There is only one word: flop. La dottoressa Giò after the curiosity of debut sinks. The rest was a project on which...

Elisa Isoardi bad beat, the flop, The Test of the cook, the critic Maurizio Costanzo

Elisa Isoardi La Prova del cuoco is not very successful, but what is the reason for which the presenter is not able to get as Antonella Clerici? This was revealed by Maurizio Costanzo, with The proof of the cook with Elisa Isoardi failed to make the full of listen. When Antonella Clerici, the share is...