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“You woke up in the flames”: Gabriel Garko has risked death

Gabriel Garko has made you worry all the fans. The actor has risked to die in a fire. The he told the first people in On a Sunday Gabriel Garko On a Sunday tells the story of the drama that has lived a few years ago. A tragedy took place near san remo, where he had lodged with the plaintiff for the period...


The headphones exploded in the air were Apple, but with third-party batteries, and the company takes care to distance

The headphones exploded in the air were Apple but, from the moment that the problem arose because of the third-party batteries, the company does not compensate the victim. Do you remember the case of bluetooth headsets, and exploded in the air? You came to know that it was Apple earphones but with third-party...

Luino, waste burning in the night in a side street of via Voldomino

Fire in the night in Luino in via Torricelli, where on the road have caught fire of the waste near the bins for separate waste collection. The intervention of the Fire Brigade has brought the fire in a short time. No person involved. Luino, the fire waste in the night in a side street of via Voldomino....