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For Susanna Vianello the words of Fiorello, the news of his death date from his cousin Andrea Vianello

Four shots of Fiorello and Susanna Vianello but she flew away, and the friend with whom he has shared so much does not remain memories. The daughter of Edoardo Vianello and Wilma Goich, it is dead, taken away by a cancer that has torn the life in a month, only a month, not even the time to fight. “My...


Fiorello: “Coronavirus? I do more things now that normally”

Fiorello and the home life at the time of the Coronavirus. Guest telephone One Day by Sheep, on Rai Radio1, the popular showman has told Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari as it is passing through this period of isolation in the home, telling the story of the life of every day, with his wife Susanna from...

Michele Bravi excited back to perform on RaiPlay: the hug with Fiorello is worth a thousand words

Michele Bravi is back on tv after more than a year away from the tragic accident that saw him involved, and where, unfortunately, he has lost the life of a woman. The singer has decided to return, more on tv, streaming! Why Michael Good was a guest of Fiorello in Viva RaiPlay. A great return for the...