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Beyond the threshold in the wave in the second part of the evening: Gabriella Pession extraordinary in the role of Tosca is unleashed on the social

We will be certain viewers who will follow on Tuesday evening, the latest episode of Beyond the threshold, one of the best fiction seen in this television season. Unfortunately, Mediaset is not believed until the end and decided to move the last bet in the second evening to Tuesday evening. A real shame...

Beyond the threshold also suspended to Sunday: the final installment in the late night, decision embarrassing

That Italy is not a country is ready for a fiction in which we talk about sensitive topics such as mental illness, it is enough to note, and this is also shown in the ratings, really bad that is Beyond the threshold has received. And it is also what note the little respect that Mediaset has for his audience....


The process according to bet: who killed Angelica? The Process will be invalidated?

It is the first legal drama that Mediaset is broadcasting, and we must admit that the plot of the tv series is very interesting and hopefully not let us down. What's going to happen in the second episode of The process aired on December 6, 2019 on Channel 5? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal...