Federico Parini

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Luino, a collection of signatures for the enhancement of the former area, Diana: “A multifunctional park”

A petition, with signatures, is the one launched by Federico Parini, a professor at the Institute Including “Bernardino Luini”, which found the bank in the town councillor, as well as a colleague and a professor of letters, John Petrotta. The theme is about the recovery and the enhancement of the former...

M5S: “No one would think to walk back on the gambling! Luino must be an example”

In an open letter sent to the editorial office, but direct to the twenty-four mayors of the Zone Plan and the Ascom Luino, the representatives of the Movement 5 Stars to the Room, with the spokesperson, Nicholas the Envy, in the Senate, with the spokesperson Gianluigi Comparison, and the regional council,...


Luino, in a “Parking area ex-Diana, where are we?”

The former Diana, inserted near the Comprehensive school “B. Luini”, between the elementary schools and middle schools, time is the subject of debate in the political landscape in luino area. Back on topic is Federico Parini, activist group cricket Luino 5 Stars. “Ok, the car park, but with adequate...