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Federica Panicucci after the swearing in off-the-air apologizes to Francis Old (VIDEO)

After the service the band the news broadcast on 15 February 2018, there was a lot of curiosity for the reaction of Federica Panicucci and for that of Francis Old that this morning we are gathered together to the conductor, and a new episode of the Morning Five. What has happened between the two after...


Tapir gold for Federica Panicucci: there is the hand of Barbara D'urso?

Why Federica Panicucci has received a beautiful tapir gold from Strip the news? We'll find out in the episode of the satirical news program airing today, January 24, 2018, but in the meantime, let's try to make some assumption. The reasons might be two: one related to private life of the beautiful Loaves...

Christmas trees vip this 2017 are snow-covered and cheerful, Federica Panicucci Michelle Hunziker (Photo)

Punctual as every Christmas has come also this year the appointment with the Christmas trees of the vip, the photos that so many love to post on social, all happy with their christmas decorations in the house. Christmas tree vip Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, arrived first of all, the Christmas tree, Michelle...