Federica panicucci

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The mother of Nadia Toffa in the Morning, 5: “I said, go to the treasury, the mom is serena”

This morning, Friday 29 November 2019, was aired a new episode of the Morning 5. Among the guests on the program hosted by Federica Panicucci, the mother of the extraordinary Nadia Toffa, the Lady Margaret. Hosted really many stories of special, incredible emotions and tears. Nadia Toffa: an incredibly...


Federica Panicucci: another birthday party wonderful among gifts and a little dress to take your breath away (Photos)

Federica Panicucci yesterday, off its 52-year-old birthday candles, a birthday, once again, wonderful for the tv presenter who seems to have a pact with the time passing by (photo). It is always the little girl with long blond hair but today is happier than ever. For her 52nd birthday started with breakfast...

The look of the conductive Rai and Mediaset, with the debut: promoted or rejected? (PHOTO)

Yesterday, Monday 9 September, was the day of the great comebacks of the television programs after the long summer break. Afternoon Five, life, Live, Forum, Morning Five, you Come to me, and many others. Our favorite shows are finally back to keep us company during our days. And the broadcasts are back,...