Feast of the Armed Forces

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Luino, in a “Feast and untouchable, but on the bell embarrassment in the majority”

In the day today will be inaugurated and blessed on the occasion of the Feast of the armed Forces, the “Bell of the Three Anniversaries”, which these days is at the center of several controversies. After the announcement of the event started this morning, in fact, had intervened the members of the minority...

Luino, Pellicini: “The clarification on the engravings legitimate, but it does not spoil the spirit of identity.”

In the morning of today, the members of the minority Franco Compagnoni, Enrica Nogara, John Petrotta and Peter Agostinelli, along with the personal opinion of the activist M5S Luca Pandolfi have wanted to express some concerns in reference to the “Bell of the Three Anniversaries” that, on the occasion...


Luino and Colmegna, a number of initiatives for the Feast of the National Unity and of the Armed Forces

The municipality of Luino celebrates the centenary of the First World War, and the historic anniversary of Vittorio Veneto with a number of initiatives, some of which are promoted in synergy with the Alpine Group. Saturday, November 3, at 17 in the Library, the network of free female researchers of History...