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Open your heart!

1/6Corinna Luyken, my heart, Fatatrac2/6Corinna Luyken, my heart, Fatatrac3/6Corinna Luyken, my heart, Fatatrac4/6Corinna Luyken, my heart, Fatatrac5/6Corinna Luyken, my heart, Fatatrac6/6Corinna Luyken, my heart, publishing house fatatrac in collaboration When we speak of “heart”, falling in the rhetoric...

10 books that cry out ”fear not“

In these days in which the Corona virus is raging worse than a typhoon, I saw sprout like mushrooms publications ad hoc to explain to children what is a virus, what is a microbe, what is even a pandemic. Certainly, the situation places the children, for reflection, in a situation of alarm, mainly due...