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The disguise as fashion in 2019

You will have to attend a theme party, or a stag, or a special party where all the participants wore a costume. This is no longer a rare thing: the disguise goes out of fashion and not just for Halloween.And use it for every occasion: we dressed up for a birthday theme ( from festivals for kids to those...

Shatush on short hair: all the ideas

There are so many ideas for one shatush on short hair. It seems impossible, yet this type of staining can also be carried out on a hair short. Although it is best not to dare with colors that are too strong, you can perform this technique by using hints of gold and copper. In particular, it represents...

Belts for the winter of 2018-19: all the models that will trend

They are really a lot of the belts that will be the trend this winter 2018-19. These fashion accessories have been offered by designers in different styles and suitable for creating any look. In fact, they are ideal to be worn with dresses, long sweaters, trousers and coats. It seems to be becoming indispensable...