Fabrizio Prato

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Montegrino the mayor: “thanks to the firefighters, commendable their work.”

That the fire brigade, like all the forces of the order and the rescuers of the territory, always present, is a known thing, especially in moments of difficulty and danger, as during the bad weather that has hit the whole of the north of the province of Varese a few days ago. Often, however, we take...


After the threats and insults to the police officer, “Maximum solidarity, episodes deplorable. People uncivilised”

A lot of solidarity on Facebook for Ciro Monzillo, watchful that in the past few days has been the subject of insults, with inscriptions appeared on the walls of the cemetery of Montegrino Valtravaglia, in a country where he has worked since 2001. Many of the comments dedicated to him, in his defense:...

Three “Velo-Ok” on the road to Cucco. The mayor of Prato: the “safety for residents and motorists”

Has created no little surprise in motorists see three “Velo-Ok” on the road to monte Cucco, the one that connects Luino to Mesenzana. The decision comes from the municipality of Montegrino Valtravaglia, met the mayor Fabrizio Prato. “And’ from 2009 that the residents in the Riviera and monte Cucco are...