Fabrizio frizzi

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The selfie of Carlotta Mantovan and the Star that has the same smile of Fabrizio Frizzi (Photo)

On the social profile of Carlotta Mantovan always and only photo with his Star, that show the sky, which reminds everyone that Fabrizio Frizzi is there, then the horses. There is nothing to show of his life, not add ever many words Carlotta because it is not necessary, especially with the last selfie...


Two years without Fabrizio Frizzi, the memory of Antonella Clerici, in an embrace (Photo)

Have passed already two years since the death of Fabrizio Frizzi, it seems like yesterday, and if it is so present to his audience of friends as Antonella Clerici is even more so. A photo posted before I go to sleep, Antonella Clerici, and Fabrizio Frizzi, a few years ago, in the midst of their friendship,...

Carlotta Mantovan and Milly Carlucci beautiful together, but what is behind their meeting? (Photo)

The magazine Diva and Women publish the photos of Carlotta Mantovan and Milly Carlucci together while they walk and chat then stop in a nice place for a coffee and there is still chatter and smiles (photo). What's cooking you ask many why, if we have seen the most times, the wife of Fabrizio Frizzi in...