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Fabrizio Corona is back in jail after is Not the Arena: latest news

Let's talk about Fabrizio Corona, and this time not for its appearance on tv. There are, in fact, good news for the entrepreneur. Fabrizio Corona is back in prison: these are the latest news jokes a few minutes ago from the main press agencies in Italy. Were the police to withdraw in the afternoon of...

Jeremias Rodriguez: "True" speaks of the case Sheets, and discuss the attitude of Fabrizio Corona

After leaving the Island of the famous 2019, Jeremias Rodriguez will be the guest of "True" in the episode aired on the 16th of march 2019. In the living room of Silvia University will speak about his experience in Honduras, but also of the “case” of this edition. If last year was the cannagate, in this...

Fabrizio Corona says his Alessia Marcuzzi, project leader, and who often appears on the Island of the famous 2019

At 15.30 today began the press conference of Fabrizio Corona, during which the entrepreneur has talked about what happened Monday evening after the video message for Riccardo fogli. Among other things we spoke about, in particular after the questions of journalists, the role of the other protagonists...