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Puffy eyes in the morning, causes and natural remedies

It can happen to wake up with swollen eyes and not being able to understand what is happening. Of course, if the reason is a terrible nights or an evening with friends over very late then it is normal. We also exclude that there are pathological factors and we can see some causes of swollen eyes in the...


Relax your eyes after a day at the pc: useful tips

How to relax the eyes after a day at the computer? Between work and study, we spend always a lot of hours a day at the computer to the point that, often, many of us meet at the end of the day with eyes red and heavy. Even those driving for a long time during the day puts a strain on their eyes. Today,...

The disorder in the eyes of spots and floaters, the main causes

You see, the so-called moving bodies? Also called floaters or cobwebs? It is a disorder that, most of the times, has no pathological significance and because of which you can see small dots, strands or just “webs” of black color, as soon as you move the look, slip away. These mobile bodies are caused...