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Cunardo: tomorrow, the “Party school”, a day dedicated to the boys

It will be held on Saturday, may 27, at the Baita Country of Cunardo, the “Party school”. To organise the initiative, cha will start at 9.30 and end at 23.30, the plexuses of the school children of Ferrera, of the primary schools of Cunardo and Ganna and secondary Cunardo. Here is the whole program of...

Porto Ceresio: the personal exhibitions of the artists in the exhibition “Lake Art”

Waiting for Sunday the 25th of June, day in which will be held in Porto Ceresio the twentieth edition of the festival “Lake Art”, during which participants will exhibit their creations in a space made available to them in the piazza Bossi and on the lakefront adjacent to, here to get all the details...

NINE, Beyond Erotica: photos De Nardo, in search of the beauty of the imperfect

“The nude as an end in itself does not make sense. Also – as a by-product of communicating – should make us think. Must move. Should make you dream. Has to move the strings intimate of the soul.” Strange that I should say a man, strange for me to say a photographer of female nudes. For once we are on...