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Friends to the evening: who will be the coach of the two teams? Here are all the news

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThe evening of the Friends of Maria de Filippi 2018 is coming and there are already names of potential coaches who will take part in the program, forming the two teams of boys. The coach of the evening, Amici di Maria de Filippi are very important and every year, can't...


Eleonora Abbagnato judge of Friends 2017: she will judge the dancers and singers

Come all the advances made official what we'll see in the evening, Friends 2017. March 11, 2017 will be presented to the new artistic directors and the judges of the evening for the sixteenth edition of the talent of Maria De Filippi. Three new judges and two new artistic directors for an edition of...

Friends 2017 news and advances special 4 march: the first pupil in the evening, and distinguished guests

Latest news from the recording of the new episode of Friends 2017, the special that we'll see Saturday 4 march. Ready to find out what is going on in the studios of Channel 5 with our Maria De Filippi in the first line? As we have already said, there are only three episodes first of the evening for the...