Evening friends

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The evening of Friends 19 part tonight: all there is to know about the first episode

In these days, if they are said and written so many on the stage for an evening of Friends, 19 and it is right, just a few hours from the debut, try to make clarity in view of the first episode aired today, February 28, 2020. Needless to say, it is quite clear, that the program airs Friday, at least...


Friends 19 in the early evening on the Real Time to tell the path of the students to the evening

Special episode of Friends 19 this evening on the Real Time. In the early evening, in fact, on channel 31, digital terrestrial, Marcello Sacchetta and Lorella Boccia will accompany us in the journey that the students, who have conquered so far in the green jersey, have done so since their entry into...

Friends 2017 and 2018 advances in the evening: who are the coaches of the two teams? The unexpected answer

Who will be the coach or the artistic directors of the two teams that will advance to the evening of Friends 2017 and 2018? Apparently the answer is arrived but it is not one that many expected. As revealed in fact, the site Davidemaggio.en in this 17th edition of an evening of Friends, there will be...