Eva grimaldi

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Gabriel Garko is among the ten witnesses to the marriage of Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battle (Photos)

Eva Grimaldi in seventh heaven to announce that Gabriel Garko will be one of the witnesses to his marriage with Imma Battaglia (photo). Eva and Gabriel have been together for years, but it was so long ago, soon the actress will marry her girlfriend, and everyone can't wait for the time to celebrate,...

The island of the famous 2017, hair without regrowth, and curly, almost perfect: what is the secret? (Photo)

The more time passes the more we realize that they are really lucky the naufraghe vip de The Island of the famous 2017 to have hair always perfect in the direct, despite the sun, the wind, the sea and, above all, the absence of a hair salon and various beauty products (photos). Women common after a day...