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The relaunch of a territory? Appeal to 2600 entrepreneurs in the luino area: “Make your voice heard”

"Protagonists of change, actors in the economic and social wellbeing of a territory, promoters of proposals that aimed to reduce problems that threaten to undermine the very survival of traditional production: local entrepreneurs, in no uncertain terms, today we ask you to build for the future, transferring...


Small and medium-sized companies that are increasingly in the grip of the bureaucracy, risk, controls every 3 days

To calculate it is the research department of Cgia di Mestre, in the report that, with respect to the first detection performed by the artisans of mestre inhabitants in 2014, the situation has even worsened. Despite the number of controllers remained nearly the same, possible inspections, however, increased...

Mile: “Luino looking for young entrepreneurs, you are the joy that we need”

So much has been said in these days, especially on social networks, on the controversy regarding the video of “the Republic.en”, with the opinions of the comic Enzo Iacchetti, Francesco Salvi and Massimo Boldi, who have created a stir. After our piece a few days ago, to intervene is the councillor for...