Elisabetta canalis

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Elisabetta Canalis at the supermarket to the stock without sacrificing biscuits and mayonnaise (Photo)

Any reward must come in this period, and also Elisabetta Canalis finds at the supermarket (photos). While shopping equipped with gloves and mask perfect puts in the shopping cart everything you need for the home, for the family, a great escort while enjoying the new-found freedom from many rules to follow....


The vip crazy for the outfits, Mini Me, from Elisabetta Canalis to Laura Chiatti and the children dress like mom and dad (Photos)

Not only the vip but also a lot of moms and dads not famous love to dress up their children with the outfits mini-me, with the dresses in the thumbnail that they have chosen for their looks (photos). Pride and sweetness for the parents, especially for mothers, to dress the children with their own clothing....

Elisabetta Canalis, with the daughter behind the scenes of the show of Andrea Bocelli is a true spectacle (Photos)

Summer in Italy for Elisabetta Canalis but not only for holidays, for work, as it happens often when he returns to his beloved Country (photos). With Elisabetta Canalis, of course there are also the daughter Skyler, Eva and her husband Frost Perri and there were both also in the backstage of the show...