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Effect Stranger Things on the Read Waffles: Kellogg s has tripled the sales of the pods!

It is well-known as more and more film and television productions, go to “product placement”, the placement of a brand or of a product time in the narrative context of the work, to forfeit the considerable financial resources of the companies concerned. But still more frequently happens that the reputation...


A novel prequel of Stranger Things that will tell the story of the mother of Eleven

Netflix and Penguin Random House will soon be the team to expand the universe of Stranger Things, thanks to a series of books that tell some of the stories related to the characters in the famous TV series. The mother of Eleven, the CIA and project MKUltra in the novel prequel to the "Stranger" Things...

Stranger Things: the Eleven, and Dustin lift a fan after that no friend turned up at his birthday party!

The kids can be really str**zi of the times, and the “friends” of Aaron Alambat, a young boy from california, are those of the worst kind.It was really sad and disheartening for Aaron to realize that, on the 18th of march, none of the eight classmates who had invited turned up at his birthday party in...